Well, as you can tell (perhaps?) I am new here. I will try my best, to evolve myself on here well. Let’s hope. I believe I have always been a Scribe, hence the name. I make lists, I write story ideas down, quotes I hear in my head, dreams, poems, even memorable moments, sometimes unbiased. Of course, that can all be annoying to anyone reading a letter from me, due to my obsessiveness with making sure I get it all down. I believe I have wanted to be a writer for the longest time, but I have a terrible little demon. His name is Procrastination, and he likes to be fed regularly. So oftentimes, he creeps up from nowhere wanting me to get distracted by Facebook or Twitter. I’m learning to control him, or at least distract him for a while, so that I can write more often.

Current story: It’s about a young woman, who is kidnapped and taken to another dimension where she meets all kinds of different people, some human, others not. I believe in the power/art of the archetype. So, this story utilizes many different ones. I hope to finish it soon.

I will learn what I can here and hopefully update often.


The Scribe


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