The Internet

I’ve never been very savvy with computers. I did take several basic computer classes over the years, but never really a course on the Internet. So, I’ve been learning my way around, slowly. The Internet, of course, has it’s ups and downs. Mainly, communication between people from all over the world is wonderful. You can even communicate with celebrities-people that the press fashion “untouchable”, mysterious. The Internet should show us that people are people, therefore, more approachable, which should make us all the more united, but I don’t think it will. I think we are too much of a dual race, we must have the negative and the positive to counterbalance.

Something occurred to me a few weeks ago. I don’t think the world will ever have true peace. Not that I’m an advocate of war, but I think that the world must have constant strife in order to move on. Breaking that down into a case of needing battle in order to recover (a peacetime) in order to evolve. Or perhaps not. It’s just my view anyway. I do think though that only true peace can exist within ourselves, and when we achieve that, only then can we manifest peace outwardly. With inner peace, a calm that can set within us all, we can show each other how to care, how to grow, and certainly how to evolve.

I’m not talking about anything other than accepting that change begins with in us. We cannot change the world and the strife in it, without first changing ourselves.

So you see there are good things and bad things about the Internet. I’ve mentioned one of the good things, now here is a bad. The Internet can suck up so much of our time; it can also desensitize us. It can make us a slave to the chair we’re sitting in. It can block us off from doing things that are away from the nonphysical of the computer; which could involve playing basketball with our friends, or taking photographs on the nature trail.  But, I can see such a grand future for the Internet. Not only for the information aspect, but also the Future Tech aspect. I can see that we will be incorporating all of our entertainment, through this avenue. I don’t know how much of it I will be here to see, but it should be interesting.


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