Today’s Coffee Choice

Today we went with World Market’s Vanilla Bean coffee. Typically, I like some of my coffee’s with cream & sugar, but I wanted to try this first cup black. It has a robust coffee flavor with smooth vanilla traces. When I had a cup of it with cream & sugar, it was like biting into a vanilla biscuit. Delicious. Recently, we had a coffee that I used to like, now, I find it repulsive. It used to be, in my opinion, a top-of-the-line coffee, a well-known coffee, in fact. But, I think, their standards have gone down so that they can compete with other coffee sellers. Their price is still high, due to their name-brand, I guess; as well as, the common high price of the coffee bean.

I used to never really drink coffee, then when I got into nursing, it became more of a main-stay of my diet. Now, I really love it. I’ve found that the coffee blends from World Market are smooth and not overtly nasty with flavoring, if they have any. Usually, I don’t like a flavored coffee, preferring Breakfast Blend or Colombian, because you embrace the full taste of the product that is coffee. But, the more blends I’ve tried there, I’ve liked. Some that I’ve tried: of course, the Vanilla Bean, Texas Turtle, and caramel.

Right now, I’m on my second cup of Vanilla Bean, lightly sugared, blended well with creamer. It is pleasant. I thought I would share my opinion of World Market’s selection of coffee. No, I am not affiliated with the chain. I am a customer and I like their coffee.


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