The Year of 2013




So many things have changed over the year of 2013. I don’t really know what’s to come for 2014. I know what was expected for this past year, and some of it happened. Some, not. I am on a roller coaster. I think I was supposed to have gotten off of it, a while ago. You see, I didn’t really pay for a long-term ticket. I’m still trying to write, I’m still trying to help those in my life, I’m still moving. I’m unemployed. I’m feeling loss, and excitement for what’s to come, but fear too.

I will keep writing. I took this photo of the buttercups above. The photo was taken in my backyard, I can say that now, at the true end of autumn. These flowers I didn’t pick. I recorded their sharp beauty before the temperatures dropped. They’re dead now, been dead. But I still captured them by my camera. I remembered Nature, when no one else knew She was alive in my backyard.

I’ll keep going forward, until someone tells me I can stop.


song right now: Florence and the Machine Over the Love


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