Daily Thoughts

Entertainment: What types of media do you enjoy? I’m looking for good book suggestions, especially. I think, at least here in the US, our music is typically preselected by record companies: “Oh, this new boy band is the greatest. Everyone loves this progressive ten year old whose parents are actors and I love her work, you will too.” I typically avoid mainstream radio because of that. I remember a few years ago, I can’t recall the band, but I remember hearing some advert on the radio for this bands new album. I felt like I was being led to like this band, that they were already “Number 1”-when I listened to the song, it sucked. But, the band became “Main-Stream”.

So, generally, I try to avoid, top 40 radio, I like to avoid top 40 type books… It’s harder with movies though, cause I love eye-candy. I get so absorbed in movies, it’s hard to come out of the worlds that were created.

What are your suggestions?


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